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My English papers used to look like a red pen threw up on them. And my English teacher got her carpal tunnel syndrome from making all those corrections.


Point is, I thought I was a bad writer. I didn't always use my semi colons and other punctuation the right way. I ended sentences with prepositions and had dangling modifiers. I didn't even understand half the stuff the grammar cops berated me about.


Then I got hit with a huge reality check...
You see, the average reader doesn't really care if you missed a comma or used a semi-colon when you were supposed to use a colon. The only people who lose sleep over things like that are English teachers. And grammar cops. And people with low self-esteem who want to feel superior over you.


But your prospects - the people you're trying to help - don't care as long as you solve their problems.


Let me give you an example...


Let's say I know tomorrow's winning lottery numbers. I toss them into an email along with the line, "[Your Name] here they are..."


GASP - that line should read, "[Your Name], here they are…" But be honest, would you overlook that missed comma if you knew the content (the winning numbers) would make you a millionaire? Of course you'd overlook the grammar error, because...

Only anal-retentive prudes get their panties twisted in a bunch over a missing comma... especially when they know tomorrow's winning lottery numbers!


And the same is true of your real prospects. They have big problems. They need solutions. And if you miss a comma while solving their problems, they're not going to hold it against you.


In other words, you don't need to be a perfect writer to make money with simple articles!


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Does any of this sound familiar?


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